At St Luke’s Catholic Primary School Revesby, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Mr Justin Coupland
Mr Justin CouplandPrincipal
Mrs Jacqueline Phillips
Mrs Jacqueline PhillipsAssistant Principal
Mrs Adriana Marouche
Mrs Adriana MaroucheActing Religious Education Coordinator | Teacher
Mrs Brigette Martin
Mrs Brigette Martin Coordinator | Teacher
Mrs Leah Nangle
Mrs Leah NangleCoordinator | Teacher
Miss Morgan Foley
Miss Morgan FoleyCoordinator | Teacher
Mr Michael Nguyen
Mr Michael NguyenCoordinator | Teacher

Classroom Teacher Miss Rebecca Askew

Classroom Teacher Mrs Elle Furfaro

Classroom Teacher Miss Jessica Sanbar

Classroom Teacher Miss Genevieve Jarret

Classroom Teacher Mrs Kim Meli

Classroom Teacher Miss Caitlyn Ribarovski

Classroom Teacher Mrs Giuliana Battiato

Classroom Teacher Mrs Kate Baxter

Classroom Teacher Mrs Carolina Tanios

Classroom Teacher Ms Patricia Calabria

Classroom Teacher Mrs Georgina Nader

Classroom Teacher Mrs Tess Lattuga

Classroom Teacher Mrs Mireille Mills

Classroom Teacher Miss Alisha Cunningham

Classroom Teacher Mrs Elise Akers

Classroom Teacher Miss Deandra Dsa

Classroom Teacher Ms Kim Donohue

Classroom Teacher Mrs Trudi Annesley

Classroom Teacher Miss Katelyna Mitrevska

Classroom Teacher Mrs Krystle Deeks

Classroom Teacher Mrs Andre Laurens

Classroom Teacher Miss Liana Worsley

Classroom Teacher Mrs Terrie Yule

Classroom Teacher Mr Daniel Ebrahim

Classroom Teacher Mrs Karen Wakefield

Librarian Mrs Lisa McMartin

Art Teacher Mrs Tracy Spanos

Sport Teacher Mr Benjamin Meadley

Music Teacher Mrs Sandra Pullen

Diverse Learning Teacher Mrs Ellen Byrnes

Diverse Learning Teacher Ms Rebecca Kokinelli

Diverse Learning Teacher Mrs Michelle North

Diverse Learning Teacher Mrs Jodie Kane

Reading Recovery Teacher Ms Danielle Douroukis

EALD Teacher Ms Therese Van Wanrooij

EALD Teacher Mrs Grace Maisano

Learning Support Officer Mrs Hong Lam

Learning Support Officer Mrs Sandra Doueihy

Learning Support Officer Ms Leanne Davis

Learning Support Officer Mrs Maria Sortwell

Learning Support Officer Mrs Yolanda De Federico

Learning Support Officer Ms Janki Nair

Learning Support Teacher Mrs Annette Mills

Learning Support Officer Mrs Anne McLachlan

Family Educator/Teacher Mrs Terrie Yule

IT Technician Mr Connor Burke

Administration Mrs Barbara Lambros

Administration Mrs Jody Berry

Administration Mrs Kellie Ianson

Ground Maintenance Mr Derek Attard